CBI alerts state police about online fraud over PPE kit and sanitizers

sanatizers and kit

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation has issued alerts to all the states and Union Territories of the country and their respective police departments regarding online advance payment scams related to PPE kits and use of methanol for making spurious sanitizers that can be hazardous.

According to the sources, these alerts have been issued by the probe agency that are based on inputs from the Interpol.

According to alert, these scams involve criminals masquerading as producers, vendors of the PPE as well as other protective gear and tools to fight Corona, and are available doing business online, who tend to indulge in transactions after alluring the further bulk buyers.

After processing the online payments and receiving the amount via bank transfers, such fraudulent persons do not deliver the goods.

Secondly, on the sanitizers issue, the alert said that instances have been reported in foreign nations of making hand sanitizers using methanol, which can be highly toxic and hazardous for the human body.

This practice for making methanol sanitizers came up due to the high demand of the hand sanitizers during COVID contagion times