Torrential Rains Trap Over a Thousand in North Sikkim; Rescue Operations Underway

Torrential Rains in North Sikkim

Gangtok: In the serene but now storm-lashed region of North Sikkim, life has come to a standstill as unrelenting rains wreak havoc. The picturesque district of Mangan has become the epicenter of distress, with over 1,200 tourists, including 15 international visitors, caught in the chaos wrought by a massive landslide.

The relentless downpour has severed road links, leaving tourists from Thailand, Nepal, and Bangladesh marooned in Lachung, a popular highland destination. The local authorities have urged them to remain where they are as efforts to restore connectivity and essential services intensify.

Sikkim’s government, under the vigilant eye of Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang, is orchestrating a meticulous rescue operation. A high-level meeting at Mintokgang has set the wheels in motion, with directives issued to swiftly mend the fractured infrastructure.

Principal Secretary CS Rao of the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department has voiced assurances that all stranded individuals are safe. He revealed plans for potential road evacuations and highlighted ongoing collaborations with various stakeholders to navigate this calamity.

Torrential Rains in North Sikkim

As the skies clear, there’s hope that the stranded will soon be airlifted to safety, with the central government stepping in to expedite the evacuation process. Amidst this natural disaster, Sikkim stands resilient, its leaders and communities united in ensuring the safety and well-being of every soul within its borders.