Family’s Devotional Journey Turns Tragic: Boat Capsizes in Ganga, Six Missing

Boat Capsizes in Ganga, Six Missing

Patna: In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a serene pilgrimage turned into a nightmare as a boat carrying 17 worshippers capsized in the Ganga River near Umanath Ganga Ghat in Bihar’s Barh area, close to Patna. The incident occurred at approximately 9:15 am on Sunday, leaving six individuals unaccounted for amidst frantic rescue efforts.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (Barh), Shubham Kumar, detailed to PTI that the vessel, primarily ferrying members of one family, met its fate while traversing the river’s midsection. In a desperate bid for survival, some aboard managed to swim ashore, contributing to the 11 fortunate rescues thus far.

Authorities were promptly alerted and swiftly converged on the scene. A collaborative rescue mission ensued, spearheaded by district officials and police, with local citizens lending their support. The ongoing search is fervently focused on locating the six missing passengers.

Boat Capsizes in Ganga, Six Missing

Kumar emphasized the expansion of the search operation with state disaster relief force personnel joining the quest. Efforts are also underway to confirm the identities of those still missing in this unforeseen disaster.