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Google changed the look of Gmail!

New Delhi: Recall the days when smartphones were not used and you used to have desktops that had dialup internet. The first thing that...

Apple takes big action on China’s gaming industry, removes 30,000 apps from iOS store

New Delhi: Apple Inc. on Saturday removed more than 29,800 apps from the Chinese App Store (iOS Store in China), of which more than...

Amar Singh had donated crores of property to the RSS-linked organization before his death

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh did many good things in his last days, which becomes necessary to mention after his death. A...
Aquarius palpal

Annual Horoscope 2021: Aquarius

Aquarius Predictions 2021 This year as per the 2021 Aquarius Predictions, will force you to focus on the right priorities in your life to achieve...
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Facebook launching app that predicts events like Covid-19

Social media platform Facebook is going to launch the Forecast App soon. Through this, you will predict global events like the Covid-19 epidemic. It...