Tata Motors Electric Vehicles Excel in Safety Ratings

Nexan-punch EV

New Delhi: Tata Motors continues to set benchmarks in vehicle safety, with its cars already boasting a 5-star safety rating from Global NCAP crash tests. The company’s commitment to safety extends to its electric vehicle (EV) lineup, as two of its EVs, the Tata Nexon and Punch EV, have now earned a 5-star rating from Bharat NCAP for their outstanding crash test performance.

Impressive Safety Scores:
Both vehicles demonstrated exceptional safety for adults and children during the tests. The Nexon EV features robust safety equipment including frontal-side head curtains, side chest airbags, belt reminders, Isofix anchor points, and electronic stability control. Similarly, the Punch EV is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, Isofix mounts, six airbags, and three-point seat belts for all seats.

Nexon EV’s Safety Breakdown:

  • Adult Safety: Scored 29.86 out of 32 points.
  • Child Safety: Achieved 23.95 out of 24 points.
  • Frontal Test: Received 14.26 out of 16 points.
  • Side Test: Secured 15.60 out of 16 points.
  • Child Occupant Protection: Perfect score of 12 out of 12 points.
  • Vehicle Assessment: Garnered 9 out of 13 points.

Punch EV’s Safety Breakdown:

  • Adult Safety: Scored an impressive 31.46 out of 32 points.
  • Child Safety: Earned 45 out of 49 points.
  • Frontal Test: Received 14.26 points.
  • Side Test: Secured 15.6 points.
  • Child Occupant Protection: Scored 23.95 out of 24 points, including CRS, dynamic test, and vehicle assessment.

EV Range Specifications:
The Nexon EV is available in two variants:

  • Medium Range Model: Equipped with a 30kWh battery pack offering up to 325 km range.
  • Long Range Model: Features a 40.5kWh battery pack with up to 465 km range.

The Punch EV also offers two battery pack options:

  • A model with a 24kWh battery pack providing up to 315 km range.
  • A variant with a 35kWh battery pack capable of up to 421 km range.
Nexan-punch EV

Pricing Details:
The Nexon Electric is priced between Rs. 14.49 lakh to Rs. 19.49 lakh, while the Punch EV ranges from Rs. 10.99 lakh to Rs. 15.49 lakh (ex-showroom prices).

Tata Motors’ latest achievements in EV safety ratings not only enhance consumer trust but also pave the way for safer roads in India.