Shani Jayanti: Celebrating the God of Justice

Shani jayanti

Shani Jayanti, dedicated to Lord Shani Dev the god of justice is celebrated across India on Thursday, June 6, 2024. This auspicious occasion holds significance in Hindu mythology, and devotees seek blessings from Lord Shani to overcome obstacles and find relief from suffering.

Date and Auspicious Time

  • Date: June 6, 2024.
  • Amavasya Tithi: It begins at 7:54 PM on June 5 and concludes at 6:07 PM on June 6.

Rituals and Worship

  1. Early Start: Devotees wake up early, take a purifying bath, and don clean blue or black attire.
  2. Offerings: In Shani temples, they offer mustard oil mixed with black sesame seeds to Lord Shani Dev. Lighting a lamp and reciting Shani Stotram and Shani Beej Mantra are essential.
  3. Peepal Tree Worship: To counteract the adverse effects of Shani, devotees also worship the peepal tree on the eve of Shani Jayanti.
  4. Charity and Prayer: Acts of charity and recitation of Shani Chalisa hold special importance.
  5. Evening Worship: Devotees continue their worship in the evening.


  1. God of Justice: Lord Shani, revered as the God of Justice, blesses those who uphold discipline, hard work, and honesty.
  2. Sade Sati Relief: Individuals facing challenges during Shani Sade Sati or Dhaiya (due to Saturn’s unfavorable position in their birth horoscope) benefit from worshiping Lord Shani on Shani Jayanti.
  3. Sade Sati Experience: Shani Dev’s Sade Sati affects everyone once in their lifetime. Worshiping on this day brings success and relief from suffering.
  4. Blessings of Lord Hanuman: Lord Shani Dev is believed to bestow blessings on those who worship Lord Hanuman, as Hanuman once saved Shani from captivity.
Shani jayanti