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China’s Hackers Target India’s Power Supply companies, Mumbai Blackout Was a Warning Shot

New Delhi: Computer networks of at least 12 Indian state-run organizations, primarily power utilities and load dispatch centers, have been targeted by Chinese state-sponsored...

Digital voter card to be launched tomorrow on Voters Day, download as Aadhaar

New Delhi: Voters Day will be celebrated on 25 January in the country. The preparations are at their peak. During this time, the Election...

बाहुबली-2 ने मचाई धूम, रशियन चैनल ऐम्बेसी ने किया ट्वीट

साउथ स्टार प्रभास की बाहुबली फ्रैंचाइजी पूरी दुनिया के सामने इंडियन और साउथ सिनेमा का नाम रोशन कर चुकी है. बाहुबली 2 ने बॉक्स ऑफिस के...

Will soon sign merit-based new immigration law: Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he would soon sign a merit-based new immigration law. "We're about to sign an immigration...
8 people dead, including 4 women, firing in Atlanta

8 people dead, including 4 women, firing in Atlanta’s massage parlors

Georgia: Massage parlors shootings have been fired at three spa centers in Georgia. Eight people, including four women, have died in a firing at...