Patanjali’s License Suspension: A Blow to Popular Ayurvedic Products Amid Misleading Ad Claims


Dehradun: In a significant development, the Uttarakhand Drug Department’s Licensing Authority has taken stringent action against Patanjali Ayurved Ltd., suspending the manufacturing licenses of 14 of its widely purchased products. This crackdown follows allegations that Divya Pharmacy, a unit of Patanjali, continued to disseminate misleading advertisements on social media, despite previous warnings.

The suspended products, known for their popularity in the market, include Swasari Gold, Swasari Vati, and Mukta Vati Extra Power, among others. The authority’s decision was informed by an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court, which detailed the ongoing violations of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

The affidavit revealed that Divya Pharmacy failed to provide satisfactory information and explanations as required by the Drug Inspector/District Ayurvedic and Unani Officer of Haridwar. Consequently, the manufacturing of these products has been halted immediately, in accordance with Section 159 (1) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945. The company has also been instructed to submit the original formulation sheets of these products to the regulatory authority.

This move underscores the government’s commitment to consumer protection and the enforcement of advertising standards in the pharmaceutical industry. The case is set to be further examined in the Supreme Court, with the next hearing poised to address the broader implications of such misleading practices.

In an order of the License Authority of Uttarakhand Drug Department, the names of 14 products of Patanjali’s Divya Pharmacy whose manufacturing licenses have been suspended are given below. -Swasari Gold -Swasari vati -Bronchom -Swasari Pravahi -Swasari Avaleh -Mukta Vati Extra Power -Lipidom -Bp Grit -Madhugrit -Madhunashini Vati Extra Power -Livamrit Advance -Livogrit -Eyegrit Gold -Patanjali Drishti Eye Drop