Supreme Court’s Stern Warning to Patanjali: Comply or Face Action

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New Delhi: In a recent development, the Supreme Court has issued a stringent admonition to Yoga Guru Ramdev and Patanjali Ayurved’s Managing Director Acharya Balkrishna, demanding adherence to legal compliance in the ongoing misleading advertisement case. The apex court expressed its dissatisfaction with the duo’s failure to submit proper affidavits and labeled their actions as a breach of trust.

Highlights of the Supreme Court’s Reprimand:

  • Unconditional Apology: Ramdev and Balkrishna offered an unconditional apology for their non-compliance, which the Supreme Court rejected, stating that mere apologies are insufficient.
  • Defiance of Court Orders: The justices underscored the importance of respecting court orders, deeming Patanjali’s conduct as ‘absolute defiance’.
  • Criticism of Archaic Laws: The court disapproved of Balkrishna’s remarks on the Drugs and Cosmetics (Magic Remedies) Act, emphasizing the need for compliance regardless of personal views.
  • Centre’s Inaction Questioned: The bench questioned the Centre’s lack of intervention when Patanjali claimed that allopathy had no remedy for COVID-19.
  • Final Warning: The court granted a final opportunity for Ramdev and Balkrishna to file their affidavits within one week, with a further hearing scheduled for April 10.
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The Supreme Court’s firm stance serves as a reminder of the judiciary’s authority and the consequences of disregarding its mandates. The hearing continues, with the nation awaiting the court’s final decision on this high-profile case.