IMA’s counterattack on Baba Ramdev – tell which medicines given to patients in allopathy hospitals?


New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association Uttarakhand has challenged Baba Ramdev for debate. Baba has asked Ramdev to tell which allopathy hospitals have been given the medicines of Pantjali for treatment. The IMA has publicly challenged the debate with panel discussions. The controversy between Baba Ramdev and the IMA has been continuously gaining momentum. The IMA has been following an aggressive stance after challenging allopathy on behalf of Baba Ramdev. On Friday, two letters from the Uttarakhand IMA have been sent to Baba Ramdev.

A letter asking for a list of hospitals. It is said that Baba Ramdev claimed in a TV debate that in all allopathy hospitals, patients were cured by Pantjali’s medicines. The IMA has asked for the names of such hospitals. In the second letter, the IMA said that it is necessary to prepare a panel of Baba Ramdev Patanjali. The panel of the IMA is ready for debate. Every point will be answered. The 25 questions that Baba Ramdev has asked will also be answered. The IMA is ready for debate at all levels. Now tell Ramdev when he is ready for debate.


A letter has been written to Ramdev asking for information about hospitals. Where he claimed to have been treated with medicines of Pantjali in allopathy hospitals here. Along with this, he has also been asked to debate in the presence of media in public place.