First apologized on statement, now Baba Ramdev fired 25 questions on IMA and pharmaceutical companies


New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev had apologized in the past, regretting the statement made on allopathy. But on Tuesday, Baba has questioned the Indian Medical Association and the pharmaceutical companies.

Tweeting from his official Twitter handle, Baba Ramdev wrote, “I ask the Indian Medical Association and pharma companies 25 questions directly with humility.”

Ramdev asked this question:

  1. What is the permanent solution for allopathy with hypertension (BP) and its applications?
  2. What is the permanent solution for type-1 and type-2 diabetes and its complications with allopathy?
  3. What is the innocent permanent solution to the problem of thyroid, arthritis, colitis, asthma with the pharma industry?
  4. What is the medicine for curing fatty liver and liver cirrhosis, hepatitis near allopathy? Like you TB And have found a permanent solution to smallpox etc. Find a solution to liver diseases, now it has been 200 years since allopathy started, tell me.
  5. What is the solution to reverse the blockage of heart in the pharma industry, without bypass, without operation and what is the permanent solution of enzoplasti?
  6. In the pharma industry, in case of decrease in inlarge heart and ejection-effect (EF), without applying pacemaker, what is the treatment that makes the heart’s size and function normal, how can you reverse it, without the pacemaker, its innocent What is the treatment?
  7. What is the treatment to reduce cholesterol triglycerides in cholesterol patients and allopathy without side effects on liver?
  8. Does the pharma industry have a headache, and any permanent solution of migraine? Non-recurring headache and migraine
  9. In the pharma industry, remove the eyeglasses and remove the hearing aid, tell us some treatment?
  10. If there is pyorrhea, so that the teeth stop moving, the gums become strong, tell any such medicine? Causing millions of people grief
  11. A man should lose at least half to 1 kg of weight daily. Without surgery, without bariatric surgery and liposuction, without any manipulation, eating medicine, and weight loss, is there any such medicine in the pharma industry?
  12. Show any innocent permanent solution to psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and white stains?
  13. What is the permanent solution for enclosing spondylosis in Modern Medical Science? What is the solution to negative RA factor positive?
  14. What is Parkinson’s flawless permanent solution to allopathy?
  15. What is the permanent solution for constipation, gas, acidity without side effect with the pharma industry?
  16. Insomnia, (insomnia), people do not sleep, because your medicine only affects for 4 to 6 hours, that too with side effects, give a permanent solution to it in allopathy?
  17. To reduce stress hormones and to increase happy or good hormones, so that man becomes relaxed and happy. Tell us any medicine in the pharma industry?
  18. In infertility, without artificial means (test tube baby, IVF) which is very painful, in allopathy, tell any medicine which will solve the problem? So that without (test tube baby, IVF) natural offspring, and the person is saved from the loot of millions of rupees, tell any such innocent medicine?
  19. In the pharma industry, tell us any innocent medicine which reverse the aging process.
  20. Explain the innocent way of increasing hemoglobin without side effects in allopathy?
  21. Man is very violent, cruel and cruel, tell any medicine in his human allopathy
  22. All drug additions, drug addicts are missed, tell the medicine in any such allopathy?
  23. To end the quarrel between allopathy and Ayurveda, tell me if the pharma industry has any medicine?
  24. In the pharma industry, tell Corona Passant any way to increase oxygen without oxygen cylinders?
  25. Allopathy is omnipotent and omnipresent, so then the doctors of allopathy should not be ill?