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UAE gives permission to return people

UAE gives permission to return people from 15 countries including India

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) said on Friday that it will allow the return of people from 15 countries, including India, who have...

Thousands on strike in protest against racial inequality in America

New York: Organizers of a nationwide strike in the US say thousands of people did not go to work on Monday in more than...

Nexo Doubles Earn on Crypto Interest Rates

London, United Kingdom:  Nexo, the leading regulated financial institution for digital assets, today announced a two-fold increase on savings interest rates for cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH,...
The Israeli parliament could be dissolved next week

The Israeli parliament could be dissolved next week, with the resolution passed

Jerusalem: An initial resolution calling for the dissolution of Israel's parliament was passed on Wednesday, raising the possibility of the country holding its fourth...
Delhi Metro

There will be a huge reduction in station entrances when the metro starts again

New Delhi: With the resumption of the Delhi Metro service, there will be a drastic reduction in the number of entrances to the station...