Ten Perish as Malaysian Navy Helicopters Collide in Rehearsal Catastrophe

Tragic Skies

Kuala Lumpur: In a devastating turn of events, two helicopters belonging to the Royal Malaysian Navy met with a tragic accident mid-air during a rehearsal for an upcoming naval celebration. The collision resulted in the loss of all ten crew members who were on board the aircraft.

The incident unfolded near the town of Lumut, home to a prominent navy base. Reports from local media indicate that there were no survivors from the crash. A chilling video capturing the moment of impact has since spread across social media platforms, showing one helicopter’s rotor clipping the other, leading to the fatal crash. The aftermath saw one helicopter plummeting onto a running track, while the other descended into a swimming pool within proximity.

Responding to the tragedy, the Perak fire and rescue department confirmed the death toll to the Malaysian Free Press. The emergency services were called to the scene at the Lumut Royal Malaysian Navy stadium in Manjung, Perak, at approximately 9:50 am. Recovery efforts are underway to retrieve the bodies of the deceased.

The Royal Malaysian Navy has identified the helicopters involved as a HOM (M503-3) and a Fennec (M502-6), which collided at 9:32 am local time. The helicopters were part of a practice session for the Navy’s 90th-anniversary event, scheduled from May 3rd to 5th. The HOM helicopter was carrying seven individuals, while the Fennec had three on board.

Officials confirmed that all victims were pronounced dead at the crash site and were later transported to the Lumut Royal Malaysian Navy Base military hospital for identification.

Tragic Skies

In the wake of this tragedy, the Royal Malaysian Navy has announced the formation of an investigative panel to determine the cause of the incident and prevent future occurrences. The nation mourns the unexpected loss of its servicemen, who dedicated their lives to protecting the country’s maritime borders.