Zakir Naik is looking for a suitable bride for his son, all the conditions mentioned in the Facebook post

Zakir Naik

Kuala Lumpur: Muslim cleric Zakir Naik, surrounded by allegations of spreading religious hatred in India, is now looking for a girl for his son. As part of the search for his daughter-in-law, Zakir Naik has put a big post on his Facebook account. In this, he has told in relation to his daughter-in-law that what kind of bride he wants for his son.

Zakir Naik wrote on Facebook, ‘I am looking for a bride for my son Fareek. He is looking for a religious Muslim girl of good character. So that my son and his wife can be strengths for each other. If you are the father or relative of such a girl, then reply with the information in the comment on this post.

In a long post written on Facebook, Zakir Naik has also shared information about his son and family. Along with this, bio-data has also been sought from eligible girls. Although he has not put a picture of his son in the graphics in this post. In this, he has shared his own picture.

Zakir Naik is currently wanted in India and lives in Malaysia. He has also put some conditions regarding his future daughter-in-law. According to him, the association of the girl with any Islamic organization is very important. It is necessary for the girl to follow the path mentioned in the Quran and Hadith. Along with this, that girl will stay away from all Haram activities. The girl should have a good character and should be religious. The daughter-in-law should be the one who spread the teachings of Islam. Stay away from luxurious life and believe in living a normal life. He should be able to speak English and wish to stay in Malaysia.

Zakir Naik

Apart from this, Zakir Naik has imposed many conditions. He has also asked interested families to send the girl’s resume. Now comments of many girls are coming on this Facebook post of her. Most of them say that ‘you can find such a girl anywhere.’