Johnson & Johnson fined $18.8 million for baby powder cancer case

Johnson & Johnson

New Delhi: Johnson and Johnson, the world’s largest healthcare product maker, will pay $18.8 million (Rs 154 crore) as a fine to a California man who claimed that the company’s baby powder caused cancer. claimed. A jury member at the Default State Court in Auckland has found that the victim, Anthony Hernandez Valadez (24), developed cancer after using baby powder and that the company was to blame.

Anthony Hernandez Valadez alleged that the company hid the problem with baby powder. Using the company’s talcum powder since childhood has resulted in mesothelioma cancer near the chest. On this, the company Johnson & Johnson told that the company’s baby powder – is sold in special white bottles, which never contain asbestos. It is safe and cannot cause cancer. They are seeking a settlement to avoid lawsuits as well as billions in legal fees and expenses.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has been in controversies before and had to pay fine
Johnson & Johnson products have also come to the fore in which the company had to pay damages. However, in earlier cases, the company had removed the products from the market citing a decline in sales. In this case, too, the victim had to fight a long legal battle of about two years. Now the court has ordered the company to pay a fine of Rs 154 crore while giving its verdict.