India Refutes Maldives’ Allegations of Unauthorized Military Operation


Male: In a recent development, the Indian government has categorically denied allegations made by the Maldivian Defense Minister regarding an unauthorized military operation conducted by Indian helicopter pilots in 2019.

Background of the Allegation:
During a press conference held in Male on May 11, Maldivian Defense Minister Ghassan Maumoon claimed that Indian military personnel had carried out a clandestine operation by landing a helicopter in Thimarafushi, an island in the Maldives. Minister Maumoon referenced a report from the parliamentary committee on the National Security Service, which purportedly shed light on the incident.

India’s Official Response:
Responding to these allegations, the High Commission of India in Maldives released a statement asserting that Indian aviation entities have consistently abided by local regulations and operated within authorized boundaries. The statement emphasized that all operations involving Indian military personnel were conducted in close coordination with the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF).

Specifically addressing the incident in question, the Indian High Commission clarified that the helicopter landing on October 9, 2019, in Thimarafushi was an emergency measure taken to ensure the safety of the crew. The High Commission confirmed that the landing was executed with prior approval from the local Air Traffic Control (ATC), thereby adhering to the necessary protocols.

Military Personnel Withdrawal from Maldives

The Indian High Commission’s statement serves as a firm rebuttal to the claims made by the Maldivian Defense Minister, underscoring India’s commitment to following established procedures and maintaining transparency in its operations within the Maldives.

This incident comes amidst a backdrop of diplomatic interactions between the two nations, highlighting the importance of clear communication and adherence to international norms in defense-related activities. The Indian High Commission’s prompt and detailed response aims to dispel any misconceptions and reaffirm the longstanding cooperative relationship between India and the Maldives.