Johnson & Johnson Announces Delay Before Vaccine Rollout in Europe

US Regulatory Recommends Withholding

Johnson & Johnson's vaccine

Berlin: Johnson & Johnson has stated that it is delaying the introduction of its Corona Virus vaccine in Europe. Meanwhile, some rare cases of blood clots are being investigated in America. The company announced its decision on Tuesday. Earlier, the US regulator said that it was recommending a ban on vaccination of this company as they were investigating reports of dangerous blood clots.

The company said, “We are reviewing these cases together with European health authorities.” He said, “We have decided to delay bringing our vaccine to Europe.” Thousands of vaccine doses were to arrive in Europe in the next few weeks.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, when asked by Johnson & Johnson in Germany on the possibility of stopping vaccination with vaccines, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that there were no plans for immediate changes to the program. The European Medical Agency said it has begun reviewing reports of blood clots in people receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.