Israeli Strike on Iranian Consulate in Syria Claims Lives of Two Iranian Generals and Several Officials

Israeli Strike on Iranian Consulate in Syria

Damascus, Syria: In a targeted assault on Iran’s consulate in Syria, two Iranian generals and five officials were reported killed, according to Iranian authorities. The attack underscores the intensifying conflict between Israel and Iran, with a surge in Israeli strikes targeting Iranian military figures.

The timing of the attack coincides with a period of heightened hostilities, with Iran backing extremist factions engaged in conflicts against Israel in Gaza and Lebanon. Recent months have witnessed a surge in clashes between Iran-supported Hezbollah militants in Lebanon and Israeli forces, alongside ongoing tensions stemming from the war in Gaza.

Hamas, supported by Iran, initiated an assault on Israel on October 7, further exacerbating the regional tensions. Israel’s official stance on such attacks remains non-committal, with the country refraining from commenting on specific operations, including the recent strike in Syria.

However, an Israeli army spokesperson attributed a drone attack on a naval base in southern Israel early Monday to Iran. Meanwhile, Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen continue to launch long-range missiles towards Israeli territory.

Among the casualties of the Syrian strike was General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, former head of Iran’s elite Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria until 2016, along with General Mohammad Hadi Hazriyahimi and five other officers. The attack also claimed the life of Hussein Yusuf, a member of Hezbollah, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the group. Additionally, two Syrian nationals lost their lives in the assault.

While the Iranian Consulate building bore the brunt of the attack, sustaining destruction, the main embassy building remained unscathed, as reported by Syria’s state news agency.

Israeli Strike on Iranian Consulate in Syria

In response to the strike, Iranian Ambassador Hossein Akbari pledged retaliation “with the same intensity and severity.” Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, accused Israel of escalating the conflict in Gaza. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanani, urged other nations to condemn the attack.

Despite the mounting tensions, the Israeli military intercepted shells fired from Syria towards Israel early Tuesday, averting further escalation in the conflict.