Gaza’s Long Road to Recovery: UN Reports Devastating War Impact and Arduous Rebuilding Journey

UN Reports Devastating War Impact

New York: In a sobering update from New York, the United Nations has detailed the catastrophic destruction in Gaza, likening it to the worst seen since World War II. The comprehensive assessment paints a grim picture of the long-term social and economic repercussions of the conflict, which erupted following an unexpected assault by Hamas on October 7.

Human Toll and Infrastructure Collapse
The UN’s findings reveal a staggering human toll over 33,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, with more than 80,000 injured since mid-April. An additional 7,000 individuals are unaccounted for, feared to be entombed beneath the rubble. “Every day the war drags on, the people of Gaza, and indeed all Palestinians, endure a severe toll,” remarked Achim Steiner, the UNDP Administrator.

Economic Devastation
The economic fallout is equally dire, with a precipitous 81% decline in Gaza’s economy in the final quarter of 2023 alone. The UNDP, alongside the United Nations Economic Commission for Western Asia, has chronicled the dire straits faced by Gazans, with over 201,000 job losses since the onset of hostilities. Abdullah al-Dardari, the UNDP Regional Director for Arab States, disclosed at a press briefing that the conflict has obliterated an estimated $50 billion in investments and plunged 1.8 million Palestinians into poverty. The UN Human Development Index for Gaza has regressed over two decades as a result.

Reconstruction and Economic Projections
The path to reconstruction is daunting. If hostilities ceased today, rebuilding the 370,000 damaged housing units—79,000 of which are beyond repair—would extend well into 2040. The economic prognosis is bleak, with Gaza’s GDP projected to shrink by 51% in 2024, and the damage expected to escalate if the war persists.

UN Reports Devastating War Impact

The UN’s stark report serves as a clarion call for international support and a reminder of the profound human and economic costs of war. The full extent of the devastation underscores the urgent need for peace and the monumental task of rebuilding that lies ahead.