Hezbollah Escalates Conflict with Rocket Barrage on Northern Israel

Rocket Barrage on Northern Israel

Beirut: In a significant escalation of hostilities, Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group and ally of Hamas, announced on Monday that it had launched a substantial number of Katyusha rockets at an Israeli army headquarters. The attack targeted the Ein Zeitim base in northern Israel, which houses the 3rd Infantry Brigade of the 91st Division. Hezbollah’s statement described the assault as direct retaliation for Israeli raids on villages in southern Lebanon, specifically naming Srifa, Odaisseh, and Rab Tlatin as recent targets.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed the detection of approximately 35 rocket launches from Lebanon, impacting the area around Ein Zeitim. Despite the barrage, the IDF reported no casualties and responded by striking the launch sites, pinpointing the origin of the attack to the vicinity of Arzoun in southern Lebanon.

This latest confrontation is part of a series of near-daily exchanges of fire that have occurred since October 7, when a significant attack by Hamas initiated a war in Gaza. The conflict has since involved Iran-backed Hezbollah, which has increased its offensive operations against Israeli military positions along the border.

The ongoing violence has resulted in significant casualties. According to an AFP tally, at least 376 individuals have been killed in Lebanon, predominantly Hezbollah combatants, with civilian deaths numbering around 70. On the Israeli side, the conflict has claimed the lives of 10 soldiers and eight civilians.

Rocket Barrage on Northern Israel

The heightened aggression from Hezbollah comes amid soaring tensions between Israel and Iran, with the former vowing to respond decisively to any threats posed by the Iranian-supported factions. The situation remains volatile, with the international community closely monitoring the developments in this long-standing regional conflict.