Coronavirus spreads rapidly in China, lockdown imposed in many states

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Beijing: The number of corona infectives in Beijing has suddenly increased over the past three weeks. This is the fastest increase in the number of corona infections in a city in China after March 2020. The Chinese government has said that it will conduct a probe into all foreigners who came to Beijing after December 10. This will be done in view of the sudden surge in the number of Corona infected in the capital. China’s National Health Commission on Wednesday said that 103 cases of corona infection were reported in Beijing on January 19, while 118 cases were reported on 18 earlier.

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46 new cases have been reported in the north-eastern province of Jilin. While 19 corona-affected patients have been found in Hebei province near Beijing. The nearby Tiagong Yuan metro station has been closed and all protective measures are being taken after the infected people were found at Daxing. In the last months of 2019, the corona virus was spread from Wuhan city of China. In the northeastern areas where cases of corona infection have risen sharply, lockdown has been imposed, movement has been stopped and corona testing is being done on a large scale.

People in Hebei, Jilin and Helangjiang provinces have been asked to live in homes. The Songyuan city of Jilin has been completely closed. The government-controlled newspaper China Daily reported that a joint meeting of the government and the ruling Communist Party decided to tighten the rescue measures.