Claudia Sheinbaum Elected Mexico’s First Female President in Historic Landslide Victory


New Delhi: Claudia Sheinbaum made history on Sunday, becoming Mexico’s first woman president with a decisive victory, according to preliminary official results. In a country grappling with severe criminal and gender-based violence, Sheinbaum’s election marks a significant milestone.

Celebrations in Mexico City

As the news broke, jubilant supporters thronged Mexico City’s main square, waving flags and dancing to lively mariachi music. The atmosphere was electric as the crowd celebrated the triumph of the ruling party’s candidate.

Landslide Victory Confirmed by INE

The INE electoral institute’s rapid sample count, released Sunday night, confirmed Sheinbaum’s win. This rapid count is a reliable estimate of the election result, based on a representative sample of votes from across the country. With a margin of error of +/-1.5%, the results showed Sheinbaum with approximately 58-60 percent of the vote.

Sheinbaum’s Commitment to Mexico

On Monday, Sheinbaum addressed the nation, promising not to let Mexico down. “I won’t fail you,” she declared, reinforcing her commitment to the country after securing a historic victory.

The 61-year-old former mayor of Mexico City, with a background in science, surged ahead of her main opposition rival, Xochitl Galvez, and outpaced the only male candidate, centrist Jorge Alvarez Maynez, who was considered a long-shot.

Historic Achievement Amidst Challenges

Sheinbaum’s election as Mexico’s first female president is not just a personal triumph but a landmark achievement for the nation. Her victory comes at a time when Mexico faces significant challenges, including widespread criminal activity and pervasive gender-based violence. As she takes office, expectations are high for her to address these critical issues and lead the country toward a more secure and equitable future.