China Commission First Hangor-Class Submarine to Pakistan

China Commission First Hangor-Class Submarine to Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In a significant move to bolster its maritime defense capabilities, Pakistan has received the first of eight state-of-the-art Hangor-class submarines from China, marking a milestone in the two nations’ military collaboration. The commissioning ceremony, which took place at the Shuangliu base of the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group (WSIG), was attended by Pakistan Navy Chief Admiral Naveed Ashraf.

Submarine Acquisition Details:
The agreement between Pakistan and China entails the provision of eight advanced submarines to Pakistan’s naval forces. WSIG is responsible for constructing half of these submarines, while the remaining four are being built at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KS&EW) under a technology transfer agreement. These vessels are equipped with cutting-edge weapons and sensors, enabling them to operate effectively in various threat environments and engage targets with high precision.

Maritime Security Preparedness:
Admiral Ashraf, during the ceremony, emphasized the critical role of maritime security in the contemporary geostrategic climate. He reaffirmed the Pakistan Navy’s commitment to maintaining regional peace and stability. The Admiral also highlighted that the Hangor Class S, M project significantly enhances the enduring alliance between Pakistan and China, reflecting their robust military cooperation.

Progress on Submarine Construction:
The construction of the sixth Hangor-class submarine commenced at KS&EW in Pakistan this February, signaling ongoing progress in the strategic project.

Pakistan-China Military Relations:
Pakistan maintains close military ties with China, with bilateral relations extending to the import of various armaments from China. In the previous year, the Pakistan Navy welcomed two Type 54 A/P frigate ships, PNS Tughril and PNS Taimur, into its fleet, as part of a contract signed in 2018 for four multi-role warships.

This development is a testament to the deepening military cooperation between Pakistan and China, which continues to evolve in response to the changing dynamics of regional security.