Highway Collapse in Guangdong Claims 36 Lives Amid Severe Weather Conditions

Highway Collapse in Guangdong

Beijing: In a tragic turn of events, a devastating highway collapse in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong has resulted in the loss of at least 36 lives. The incident occurred after a period of heavy rainfall that had been battering the region, causing a 17.9-meter section of the highway to give way around 2 a.m. on Wednesday. This calamity sent 23 vehicles plummeting into a pit, leading to a dire situation that has gripped the nation.

The Meizhou city administration confirmed the collapse, which also left 30 individuals injured. The past fortnight has seen Guangdong province endure a series of severe weather events, including torrential rains, flooding, and hailstorms. The provincial capital, Guangzhou, was not spared, with a typhoon last weekend claiming five lives.

The relentless rain is believed to have weakened the ground beneath the highway, resulting in its collapse and the formation of a large crater, as reported by eyewitnesses. Local media coverage has provided harrowing visuals of the aftermath, with smoke and fire emanating from the site and a heap of vehicles visible in the chasm created by the collapse.

This disaster highlights the vulnerability of infrastructure in the face of extreme weather conditions and has sparked a conversation about the need for robust construction standards and emergency preparedness measures.

Highway Collapse in Guangdong