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Plane crashes in US Southwest Virginia

Plane crashes in US Southwest Virginia, 3 killed

Lansing (USA): Three people from Virginia were killed when a small plane crashed on Sunday in South West Virginia, USA. Officials gave this information....

Antibodies can develop on their own in most patients of the coronavirus: research

Jerusalem: Antibody can develop on its own to fight the novel coronavirus in most people severely affected by Covid-19. A study has said this...
cyber attack

Cyberattack on Pfizer-BioNTech, files related to vaccine was stolen

Berlin / Washington: There is a cyber attack on the data center of German company BioNTech and US pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The company has...
S-400 surface-to-air

India will soon get defense cover, Russia starts delivery of S-400 missile system

Moscow: Russia has started the delivery of the S-400 surface-to-air (ground-launched) missile system to India. This information has been given by Dmitry Shugaev, Director...
face book

Facebook launching app that predicts events like Covid-19

Social media platform Facebook is going to launch the Forecast App soon. Through this, you will predict global events like the Covid-19 epidemic. It...