Ujjain’s Mahakal Temple Initiates Holi Festivities with a Floral Extravaganza

mahakal holi

Ujjain: In the sacred precincts of Ujjain’s Mahakal Temple, the vibrant festival of Holi commenced with a flourish of petals and devotion. Thousands of pilgrims congregated at the temple to witness the ceremonial start of Holi, marked by the traditional Bhasmarti, where the deity, Baba Mahakal, was anointed with colors.

A devotee’s generous offering of 51 quintals of flowers from Nanded, Maharashtra, transformed the temple into a fragrant arena of celebration. The devotees, immersed in their reverence for Baba Mahakal, reveled in a unique Holi played with these flowers. This floral tribute not only honored the deity but also provided a medium for the joyous expression of the festival’s spirit.

Holi, which officially falls on the 25th of March, has a special prelude at the Mahakal Temple, where festivities begin ahead of the rest of the country. This year too, the temple upheld its tradition, with the early commencement of Holi, infusing the temple atmosphere with hues and happiness. Following the Bhasmarti, the assembled priests and devotees engaged in a delightful celebration, showering each other with the offered flowers, symbolizing the onset of this much-anticipated festival.