Bengaluru Residents Anticipate Rare Celestial Phenomenon: Zero Shadow Day

Zero Shadow Day

Bengaluru: On Wednesday, residents of Bengaluru are eagerly awaiting a remarkable celestial spectacle: the Zero Shadow Day. During this extraordinary event, shadows will momentarily vanish between 12:17 pm and 12:23 pm on April 24. The phenomenon occurs at locations situated at the same latitudes as Bengaluru.

What Is Zero Shadow Day?

Zero Shadow Day is an astronomical occurrence where the Sun is directly overhead at solar noon. This alignment results from Earth’s axial tilt of approximately 23.5 degrees and its orbit around the Sun. The effect is most pronounced near the equator, where the Sun passes directly overhead during the equinoxes. Bengaluru, positioned at a latitude of 13.0 degrees north, experiences this phenomenon twice a year typically around April 24/25 and August 18—coinciding with the equinoxes in March and September.

Zero Shadow Day

A Unique Astronomical Event

The significance of Zero Shadow Day extends beyond its scientific curiosity. It serves as both a cultural celebration and an educational opportunity. Residents can learn about Earth’s axial tilt, its orbital dynamics, and how sunlight angles change throughout the year. As the Sun reaches its zenith point, Bengaluru’s inhabitants will witness their shadows briefly disappear—a captivating moment that connects them to the cosmos.