Maheshwari community couple will get 50 thousand after birth of their third child in Rajasthan


Pushkar: Maheshwari Samaj of Rajasthan has decided to promote the policy of three children and for this, it has been said that as soon as the third child is born, a fixed deposit of Rs 50,000 will be given by the society. Actually, there is a shortage of boys and girls getting married in society, the society is worried about the decreasing population. To avoid this, this decision has been taken. Although earlier also society used to give the amount to the couple for the third child is a daughter, now society has decided that whether it is a boy or a girl, the amount will be given for the third child.

Other decisions have also been taken in this regard in the general meeting of Pushkar’s Seva Sadan. The annual general meeting was presided over by Ramkumar Bhutada and hundreds of people from many districts participated in it. Has been told by the society that the population of Maheshwari society is continuously decreasing and the lack of boys and girls getting married is affecting society. When the situation became worrisome, it was decided to have three children. Now society will also respect the family having a third child. Ramkumar Bhutada said that it is very important to increase the population of society.

third child

The problem is coming with marriage, neither boys nor girls are getting
It was told society that there is a problem in society regarding marriage. There was also a time when the number of girls in society was reduced to 30 percent and there was a problem in getting the boys of the society married. In such a situation, a campaign to save the girl child was launched. Society was made aware, and it has definitely brought some improvement, but still due to the lack of girls, the population of society has been badly affected. In such a situation, the society has increased awareness about conferences, and social meetings and has decided to give an FD of Rs 50,000 on the birth of the third child to encourage.