Rajasthan Reels Under Unprecedented Heatwave: Temperatures Soar, Lives Lost

Heat wave new-Rajasthan

Jaipur: Rajasthan is currently experiencing an unprecedented heatwave, with temperatures reaching record highs and resulting in tragic fatalities. On Thursday, the mercury in Barmer soared to a blistering 48.8 degrees Celsius, marking the peak of this summer’s heat. This extreme weather has not only disrupted daily life but has also led to the death of five individuals, suspected to be due to heatstroke.

The intense heat has also impacted wildlife, with reports of five peacocks perishing in Khairthal district. The state’s Meteorological Department has issued a ‘Red Alert’ for severe heat across several districts, signaling the gravity of the situation.

In a detailed account, the Meteorological Department highlighted Barmer as the epicenter of the heatwave, where the maximum temperature reached 48.8 degrees Celsius. Other areas such as Phalodi, Fatehpur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jalore, Kota, Churu, Dungarpur, Bikaner, Sriganganagar, Bhilwara, and Chittorgarh also experienced extreme temperatures ranging from 45.4 to 48.6 degrees Celsius.

The department further reported that the rest of the state endured maximum temperatures between 44.8 and 42.2 degrees Celsius, with nighttime temperatures remaining significantly above normal. Phalodi’s night temperature was recorded at 34.6 degrees Celsius, a staggering 8.8 degrees above the usual.

Tragically, the heatwave claimed five lives in the state. Dr. Rama Shankar Bharti, Chief Medical and Health Officer of Jalore District reported that four individuals, including a woman, were pronounced dead upon arrival at Jalore District Hospital. The deceased were identified as Kamla Devi (40), Chuna Ram (60), Popat Ram (30), and an unidentified person. The cause of death is suspected to be heatstroke, pending confirmation from post-mortem reports.

Heat wave new-Rajasthan

In a related incident, two young workers at Barmer Refinery, Sahindar Singh (41) and Suresh Yadav, lost consciousness due to the heat. Singh unfortunately passed away during treatment, while Yadav is still receiving medical care.

The forecast offers no respite, with the Meteorological Department predicting a further increase in both maximum and minimum temperatures by two to three degrees Celsius over the next 72 hours. The state is bracing for continued intense heatwaves and sweltering nights for the next five days. In light of these conditions, the department has maintained a ‘red alert’ to caution residents of the ongoing severe heatwave.