Escaped African Cheetah Causes Stir in Karauli, Efforts Underway for Safe Return to Kuno National Park

Karauli cheetah from kuno

Karauli: In an unexpected turn of events, a male African cheetah, originally from Namibia, has been reported to have escaped from the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh and made its way to Simara village in the Karanpur area of Karauli district, Rajasthan. The incident, which occurred early on Saturday morning, has caused considerable alarm among the local populace.

Cheetah Sighting Triggers Alarm in Simara Village
Residents of Simara village were startled to encounter the cheetah while heading to their fields at dawn. Kedar Meena, a local villager, was among the first to spot the wild animal. The sighting prompted villagers to swiftly retreat and alert others, leading to an immediate gathering of a concerned crowd.

Authorities Respond to Cheetah’s Arrival
Upon receiving reports of the cheetah’s presence, a combined force of the forest department and police teams promptly arrived at the scene from Madhya Pradesh. The officials have confirmed the identity of the cheetah and are currently engaged in efforts to safely capture and return the animal to Kuno National Park.

Public Advisory Issued Amid Safety Concerns
The forest department and police have issued advisories urging residents to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from the cheetah. The situation has been further complicated by the cheetah’s designation as a male, which typically exhibits more territorial and unpredictable behavior.

Collaborative Efforts to Tranquilize and Relocate Cheetah
A team from the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has also joined local authorities in Simara village. Together, they are working on a strategy to tranquilize the cheetah without causing harm, with the ultimate goal of transporting it back to its habitat in Kuno National Park.

Karauli cheetah from kuno

Community and Authorities on High Alert
The unexpected visit of the cheetah has put the community and authorities on high alert. Piyush Sharma, the Conservator of Karauli Wildlife Park, has confirmed that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure the safety of both the villagers and the cheetah. The forest department is awaiting additional support from Kuno to facilitate the cheetah’s capture and return.