What’s wrong with Xi Jinping? people started leaving the party


Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently expressed concern about the possible collapse of the Communist Party of China (CCP). Because around 415 million people around the world have renounced their affiliation with the CCP, including its regiments, teams, and other affiliated organizations. According to the Greek City Times, these mass resignations have been reported since July 1 this year.

According to the report, the reaction of people around the world has taken CCP officials by surprise, with Xi Jinping saying at the recent SCO summit that he is opposed to any country instigating ‘colorful revolutions’ and ‘interfering in internal affairs for any reason. The Greek City Times reported that Xi was told by SCO member states that they should be wary of “external forces” creating the scenario for a new Cold War. He has repeatedly issued warnings about the decline of the CCP, which if not tackled, will really break.

Xi Jinping expressed concern
According to the Greek City Times report, in 2022, Xi Jinping gave a speech at a youth cadre training class and it was recently published as an article in the CCP’s journal ‘Seeking Truth’, addressing his concern about the CCP decline. According to news reports, Xi Jinping in his speech stressed the importance of upholding the beliefs of Marxism and communism under the banner of Chinese characteristics. Xi is worried that the CCP may break up like the Soviet Union did.

Xi jinping

Fear of the Soviet Union’s fate
The CCP fears that it may meet the same fate as the Soviet Union due to mass defections. The CCP’s concern is linked to China’s worsening internal and external problems and growing rivalry with the international community and the challenges it faces on the economic and social front. Considering the current situation, the policy matters raised by CCP officials are becoming unpopular day by day and they are facing criticism in China and other countries. According to the Greek City Times report, millions of people are leaving the party, which has completely affected the CCP.