Putin’s Anticipated May Visit to China: A Diplomatic Move Amidst Global Tensions

xi jinping-putin

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to embark on a significant diplomatic visit to China in May, marking his first international journey since commencing his latest six-year presidential term. This development emerges amidst a backdrop of widespread criticism from Western nations, who have denounced Putin’s re-election as lacking fairness and democratic integrity.

An anonymous source informed Reuters that “Putin will visit China,” suggesting that the visit is likely to occur in the latter half of May. Additional reports indicate that this meeting will precede Chinese President Xi Jinping’s scheduled diplomatic tour of Europe.

The Kremlin, maintaining a veil of discretion, has stated that specifics regarding Putin’s travel plans will be disclosed as the dates approach. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov assured the media that “several presidential visits and several high-level contacts are being prepared at the moment,” indicating a forthcoming announcement.

The geopolitical landscape has been notably shaped by the “no limits” partnership declared by China and Russia in February 2022, just before the onset of the Ukraine conflict. This alliance stands in stark contrast to the United States’ view of China and Russia as its principal global competitors and threats, with President Joe Biden asserting that the current era will be defined by the rivalry between democratic and autocratic states.

In the face of sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies—particularly against Moscow for its actions in Ukraine—China has notably bolstered its trade and military connections with Russia. Analysts anticipate that Putin will prioritize a visit to China following his re-election, a move that underscores the deepening ties between the two nations. Putin’s formal presidential inauguration is expected around May 7.


Putin, addressing the media, highlighted the aligned global perspectives and robust relationship between Russia and China, attributing their resilience to his rapport with Xi. He expressed confidence that the two countries would continue to strengthen their partnership in the years ahead.

Xi’s visit to Russia in March of the previous year marked his initial international trip post-pandemic and the beginning of an unprecedented third term as China’s president. The camaraderie between Xi and Putin has been frequently showcased, with over 40 meetings to date, the most recent being Putin’s honored presence at China’s Belt and Road summit in Beijing. The flourishing China-Russia trade relations have surpassed the set target, achieving $218.2 billion in trade from January to November, thereby exceeding the bilateral goal of $200 billion by 2024.