What did the Sikh MP of UK say on the Golden Temple issue that created a ruckus?


London: There has been criticism on social media for the tweet regarding Britain’s first Sikh woman MP Preet Kaur Gill being lynched to death at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. faced, after which the MP deleted his tweet. In the tweet, Gill had pointed to the hand of a ‘Hindu terrorist’ behind the killing of the man at the Golden Temple. The man, who was allegedly beaten to death on Saturday for ‘desecration’, had entered the inner sanctum where the Guru Granth Sahib was kept.

The man was immediately apprehended by the people present there and then he was allegedly beaten to death. British immigration lawyer Harjap Bhangal reacted to a video of an incident of alleged sacrilege at the Golden Temple on Saturday. Labor MP Preet Kaur Gill concurred with his message that it was clearly a terrorist incident. The tweet, which Gill removed after criticism, said, “Hindu terrorists stopped from the act of violence against Sikhs in Golden Temple.” The High Commission of India in London also condemned the tweet.

A spokesperson for the High Commission of India said, “The High Commission of India expressly disapproves of a public comment by a member of the British Parliament regarding a crime committed in India prior to the announcement of the investigation or comment or discovery by the Law Enforcement Authority of India.” “The Indian High Commission is concerned that such remarks by a foreign MP may affect inter-communal harmony and peace in the British Indian community,” the spokesperson said.


The Birmingham Edgbaston MP deleted the tweet after facing criticism on social media. He then made more general remarks about places of worship. In his second tweet, he said, ‘No place of worship or community should be targeted like this. Terrible scenes have been seen from Harmandir Sahib. Local police in Amritsar say that when officers reached the spot, the man was found dead and the matter is being investigated.