Manisha Koirala Meets British PM Rishi Sunak: A Celebration of Nepal-UK Friendship

Manisha Koirala-Rishi Sunak

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala recently graced an event of great significance, commemorating the 100-year-old Britain-Nepal Friendship Treaty. Held at the iconic 10 Downing Street in London, this gathering marked a century of strong bilateral relations between the two nations.

In her heartfelt post on Instagram, Koirala expressed her deep honor at being invited to this prestigious occasion. She stood amidst dignitaries, diplomats, and cultural ambassadors, celebrating the enduring bond between Nepal and the United Kingdom. The historic treaty signed a century ago, has fostered cooperation, cultural exchange, and mutual respect.

During the event, Koirala had the privilege of conversing with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The Prime Minister’s warm words about Nepal filled her with pride. As a passionate advocate for her homeland, Koirala extended a heartfelt invitation to PM Sunak and his family: a journey to the majestic Mount Everest base camp. She hopes to share the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas with them firsthand.

But that’s not all. The event attendees were not only captivated by the diplomatic proceedings but also by Koirala’s recent OTT series, “Hiramandi: The Diamond Bazaar.” The actress revealed that many guests had watched the series, and their positive feedback served as an encouraging testament to its impact.

Manisha Koirala-Rishi Sunak

As the spotlight shines on Manisha Koirala’s dual roles as an artist and a cultural ambassador her meeting with PM Sunak becomes a symbol of friendship, shared heritage, and the enduring ties between Nepal and the United Kingdom.