Rishi Sunak Surpasses King Charles in Wealth: Insights from the 2024 Sunday Times Rich List

Rishi Sunak and King Charls

London: The latest edition of the Sunday Times Rich List has revealed significant shifts in wealth among Britain’s elite. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, along with his wife Akshata Murthy, has surged ahead, leaving even King Charles trailing in their financial wake.

Wealth Accumulation: A Year of Remarkable Growth

According to the report, the combined wealth of PM Sunak and Akshata Murthy has skyrocketed by over £120 million (approximately Rs 12.7 billion) in the past year alone. Their total net worth now stands at an impressive £651 million (approximately Rs 68.67 billion). In contrast, King Charles saw a more modest increase, with his wealth rising from £60 million to £61 million during the same period.

Decline in Billionaires: A First for the Rich List

The Sunday Times, known for its meticulous tracking of wealth, has noted a surprising trend: a decline in the number of billionaires. For the first time in recent memory, the list features fewer billionaires—165, down from 177 in 2022. This shift reflects broader economic changes and perhaps a recalibration of fortunes in the post-pandemic era.

Gopi Hinduja: The Richest of Them All

Topping the list is Indian-origin British businessman Gopi Hinduja and his family, whose staggering wealth amounts to £37.2 billion. This figure marks the highest ever recorded in the history of the ranking. The Hinduja family’s diverse business interests span industries such as banking, energy, and real estate.

NRI Tycoon Lakshmi Mittal Holds Strong

NRI tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, renowned for his leadership at ArcelorMittal Steelworks, secures a spot in the top 10. Mittal ranks eighth, with a fortune of £14.9 billion. His influence extends beyond steel, as he continues to shape global industrial landscapes.

Other Notable Indian-Origin Billionaires

  • Anil Agarwal (23rd Place): The Vedanta Resources industrialist boasts a wealth of £7 billion.
  • Prakash Lohia (30th Place): The textile magnate’s net worth stands at £6.23 billion.
  • Mohsin and Zuber Issa (39th Place): Retail giants with a combined wealth of £5 billion.
  • Naveen and Varsha Engineer (58th Place): Pharma industry leaders with a fortune of £3 billion.

The Top 10 Richest Britons

  1. Gopi Hinduja: £37.2 billion
  2. Sir Leonard Blavatnik: £29.2 billion
  3. David and Simon Reuben and Family: £24.9 billion
  4. Jim Ratcliffe: £23.5 billion
  5. James Dyson and Family: £20.8 billion
  6. Barnaby and Marilyn Swire and Family: £17.2 billion
  7. Idan Ofer: £14.9 billion
  8. Lakshmi Mittal and Family: £14.9 billion
  9. Guy, George, Alannah, Galen Weston and Family: £14.4 billion
  10. John Fredrickson and Family: £12.8 billion

Beyond the Top 100: Simon, Bobby, and Robin Arora

Among the top 100 richest Britons, the Arora brothers—Simon, Bobby, and Robin—hold the 65th position with a combined wealth of £2.682 billion. Meanwhile, prominent NRI industrialist Lord Swaraj Paul and his family maintain their rank at 67th place, with an estimated wealth of £2.6 billion, consistent with last year’s figures.

Rishi Sunak and King Charls

Collective Wealth: A Staggering Sum

The 350 individuals and families featured in the Rich List boast a combined wealth of £795.361 billion. To put this into perspective, their fortunes exceed the annual GDP of Poland, underscoring the immense economic power concentrated within this select group.

Disclaimer: The figures mentioned in this article are based on publicly available data and estimates. Individual wealth can fluctuate due to market dynamics and other factors.