Russia’s Sarmat nuclear missile, dubbed ‘Satan’ by NATO, enters service amid Ukraine crisis

Russias Sarmat nuclear missile

New Delhi: Russia has taken a perilous step in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine by deploying the Sarmat nuclear missile, one of its most advanced weapons. Yuri Borisov, the head of the Russian Space Agency, confirmed that “the Sarmat missile has been put into service.” President Putin had previously said that “it will make Russia’s enemies think twice” about attacking it. The deployment of this nuclear missile has heightened the tension among NATO countries.

The Sarmat missile is a transcontinental weapon that can reach the US. According to the news agency Tash, ‘the RS-28 Sarmat missile can carry 15 nuclear warheads weighing 10 tons each.’ It can strike any part of the world with this missile. However, Washington said on Friday that it was “not sure whether Russia has deployed the destructive Sarmat missile or not.” NATO countries refer to this missile as Satan.

President Putin had announced in February that the Sarmat missile would be deployed soon. He had also claimed that Russia would be safeguarded from foreign threats by the Sarmat missile and that enemy countries would have to reconsider before launching an attack. While Russia says that this missile can carry 15 nuclear warheads at once, the US has said that it can only carry 10 nuclear warheads.

Russias Sarmat nuclear missile

This missile has a very short launch phase, which makes it difficult for enemy countries to track it. Moreover, this missile weighs 200 tons and can travel up to 18 thousand kilometers to penetrate the enemy.