Tragic River Accident Claims Lives of Indian Students in Russia

River Accident

Mumbai: In a heart-wrenching incident in Russia, four Indian students met with a tragic end as they drowned in the Volkhov River. The students, all hailing from Maharashtra, were part of a group of five friends who encountered the fatal accident. Among the victims was Zeeshan Ashpak Pinjari, who had been in contact with his family via video call moments before the tragedy struck.

A Call Home Turns Tragic

Family members recount the chilling details of their last conversation with Zeeshan. As the group waded into the Volkhov River, Zeeshan was on a call with his loved ones. Despite urgent pleas from his father and relatives to leave the water, a sudden strong wave overpowered the students, pulling them into deeper waters.

A Leisurely Walk Leads to Disaster

The five students, identified as Harshal Anantrao Desale, Zeeshan Pinjari, Jiya Firoz Pinjari, Nisha Bhupesh Sonawane, and Malik Gulamgaus Mohammad Yakub Volkhov, were enrolled at Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University. The group had decided to take a stroll by the river following their studies. Tragically, Zeeshan and Jiya, who were siblings, would not return from this walk.

Heroic Efforts End in Loss

In a desperate bid to rescue Nisha, who was struggling in the river’s currents, her friends did not hesitate to jump in to help. Their valiant efforts led to the ultimate sacrifice, as three of them succumbed to the river’s depths. Nisha, the sole survivor, is currently receiving medical treatment.

Search and Recovery Efforts Underway

The Indian ambassador’s assistance has been sought by the university to repatriate the students’ remains. The young victims, two males and two females aged between 18 and 20, were pursuing medical studies in Veliky Novgorod. So far, the recovery teams have located two bodies, with efforts ongoing to find the remaining two.

River Accident

Homeward Bound

Efforts are being coordinated by Jalgaon District Magistrate Ayush Prasad to transport the bodies back to India. The deceased students, Zeeshan and Jiya, were from Amalner, while Harshal hailed from Bhadgaon, both in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. The community mourns the loss of these young lives, cut short by a devastating turn of events.