IIT Bombay Clarifies Placement Statistics Amidst Misconceptions

IIT Bombay

Mumbai: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has addressed concerns following reports that a significant number of its students remained unplaced after this year’s placement season. The institute took to social media to share the outcomes of an exit survey, which painted a more optimistic picture of the employment status of its graduates.

According to the survey, only 6.1% of the graduating class of 2022-23 are still seeking employment, contradicting claims that as many as 36% of students had not secured jobs. The placement season at IIT Bombay, one of the premier engineering schools in the country, commences in December and concludes in May.

The survey results detailed the distribution of students’ post-graduation plans. A majority of 57.1% obtained job placements through the institute’s placement cell. In contrast, 10.3% of students found job opportunities independently. Entrepreneurship also emerged as a chosen path, with 1.6% of students launching their startups. Higher education was the goal for 12.2% of the graduates, while the remaining 6.1% were in the process of job hunting.

The initial report of a 36% unplaced rate originated from Dheeraj Singh, an IIT Bombay alumnus and the founder of the Global IIT Alumni Support Group. Singh, who has been actively mentoring students, based his observations on interactions within the alumni community.

IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay’s clarification comes amidst a successful placement drive for the 2024 batch, where the institute reported an average package of INR 36.9 LPA and the highest package of INR 1 Crore per annum. The first phase of the placement drive concluded with 85 students receiving offers exceeding INR 1 Crore, and a total of 1,340 job offers were made. This robust placement performance underscores the institute’s commitment to fostering industry-ready graduates and maintaining its reputation as a leading engineering institution.