Ostankino Tower Illuminated in Indian-Russian Flags for PM Modi’s High-Profile Moscow Visit

Ostankino Tower

Moscow: One of Moscow’s iconic landmarks, the Ostankino TV tower, dazzled in the vibrant colors of the Indian and Russian flags on Monday. This spectacular display marked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two-day high-profile visit to Russia, where he engaged in summit-level talks with President Vladimir Putin.

Key Details:

  • Ostankino TV Tower: Rising to an impressive height of 540 meters (1,771 feet), the Ostankino TV Tower is not only the world’s fourth tallest but also Europe’s highest free-standing structure. Constructed in 1967 by the renowned Soviet engineer Nikolai Nikitin, it stands as a symbol of Russian broadcasting excellence.
  • Ceremonial Welcome: Upon his arrival at the airport, Prime Minister Modi was warmly received by Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov. The dignitaries exchanged pleasantries, emphasizing the significance of Modi’s visit.
  • Indian Community’s Affection: The Indian community in Moscow extended a grand welcome to Prime Minister Modi. Expressing his gratitude, Modi shared, “A memorable welcome in Moscow! I thank the Indian community for their affection,” along with a series of photographs.
  • Historic Context: This visit holds immense importance—it is Modi’s first trip to Russia since 2019, the first after the onset of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022, and his inaugural visit during his third term as India’s prime minister.
Ostankino Tower

The Ostankino Tower, standing tall and illuminated, serves as a beacon of friendship between India and Russia, bridging cultures and celebrating diplomatic ties.