India Calls for Immediate Cessation of Recruitment by Russia Following Deaths of Indian Nationals

Indians in Russian army

New Delhi: In a recent and somber development, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has disclosed the tragic deaths of two Indian citizens who were recruited into the Russian Army and subsequently killed in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The Indian government has issued a stern demand to Russia, calling for an immediate and verified halt to the recruitment of its nationals, stating that such actions are not in line with the spirit of partnership between the two nations.

The Indian embassy in Moscow has been actively engaging with the Russian Ministry of Defense to expedite the repatriation process for the mortal remains of the deceased individuals. The Ministry expressed its profound sorrow over the loss and extended its deepest sympathies to the bereaved families.

In light of these events, the Ministry has issued a cautionary advisory to Indian nationals, urging them to be vigilant when considering employment opportunities in Russia. The advisory comes amid concerns over the safety and well-being of Indian citizens who may be vulnerable to recruitment into foreign military engagements.

Furthermore, the Indian government has taken decisive steps to address this issue at the highest diplomatic levels. The Ministry, along with the Indian embassy, has communicated its concerns to the Russian Ambassador in New Delhi and the relevant authorities in Moscow, advocating for the swift release and safe return of all Indian nationals associated with the Russian Army.

Indians in Russian army

This incident has cast a spotlight on the risks faced by individuals recruited into foreign conflicts and underscores the Indian government’s commitment to protecting its citizens abroad. The Ministry’s statement serves as a reminder of the complex and often perilous nature of international employment and the importance of exercising due diligence in such matters.