Poland to give Ukraine MiG-29 fighter against Russia!

NATO's first country to carry out this


Warsaw: Polland on Thursday announced that it is planning to give MiG-29 (MIG-29) fighter aircraft to Ukraine facing Russia’s invasion. With this, he will become the first NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to meet Ukraine’s demand to provide immediate fighter aircraft to deal with Russia.

Poland President Andrez Duda said to Warsaw “In the next few days ” Ukraine will give the Soviet-made four MiG-29 fighter aircraft. He said other fighter aircraft needs to be repaired so that they will be supplied later. Duda indicated that Poland could provide 11 to 19 MiG-29 fighter aircraft to Ukraine.

He said, “These aircraft are in the last years of their operational period, but their condition is good. ” The President of Poland did not comment on whether other NATO countries would also provide fighter aircraft to Ukraine, following the footsteps of Warsaw. However, Slovakia has also expressed the intention of providing Ukraine with its unused MiG fighter aircraft.

Poland government spokesperson Piora Muller said on Wednesday that many other countries have also committed to supplying MiG fighter jets to Ukraine, but they did not disclose the names of these countries. Earlier, Poland became the first NATO country to provide Ukraine with a German-made Leopard-2 tank. Duda’s announcement of Poland’s neighbor NATO member Germany was surprising.


German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius told reporters, “So far everyone agreed that it has not come for the appropriate time to send a fighter aircraft.” Poland has not yet confirmed to us that he is planning to do so. ” Meanwhile, the White House termed Poland’s move as a sovereign decision and appreciated him for continuously taking a big decisions with his stature. However, he said that this appreciation should not be seen as a change in the stance of US President Joe Biden to not provide Ukraine with the US F-16A fighter aircraft.