Near Oman coast, Drone attack on oil tanker, killing two, Israeli officials accuse Iran of attack

Drone attack on oil tanker

Dubai: Explosive device experts of the US Navy believe that a “drone attack” has been carried out on an oil tanker off the Oman coast in the Arabian Sea, leaving two aboard. People died. The US Army gave this information on Saturday.

The attack on the oil tanker ‘Mercer Street’ on Thursday night is the first known fatal attack on commercial shipping in the region in many years due to tensions over the breakdown of its nuclear deal with Iran. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Israeli officials have accused Iran of carrying out a drone strike.

Iran has not explicitly acknowledged the attack, but the attack comes at a time when Tehran is moving towards taking an even tougher stance with the West and the country appears to be showing staunch support for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as president. Used to be. The US Navy’s West Asia-based Fifth Fleet said in a statement on Saturday morning that the nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and the guided-missile destroyer USS Mitscher is now escorting it until it reaches the safe harbor at Mercer Street. Huh.

Drone attack on oil tanker

The Fifth Fleet said, “US Navy explosives specialists are now on board the ship to ensure there is no additional danger to crew members and are ready to cooperate with the investigation into the attack. “Preliminary indications clearly suggest that this is a drone strike,” it said.