More than 2.7 crore citizens in Congo are facing severe starvation: United Nations

Congo starvation

United Nations: The United Nations has warned that more than 27 million people in Congo are suffering from severe starvation, which is about one-third of the estimated 8.7 million population of the struggling African country. Two UN agencies Food and Agriculture Organization and World Food Program said on Tuesday that out of those who are facing severe hunger, seven million people are in an emergency. He said that there is a need to take immediate steps to save the lives of about 27 million Congo citizens.

“For the first time, we were able to analyze such a large population and it helped us bring out the true picture of food insecurity in the Republic of Congo,” said Peter Musoko, representative of the World Food Program in Congo. According to both agencies, the most affected people are displaced, refugees, people affected by floods, landslides, fires and other natural disasters and poor people from urban and nearby areas.

Congo starvation

It was banned by the United Nations Security Council after the conflict ended one after another in the Congo. These conflicts devastated the Central African country to a great extent by the year 2002. Minor incidents of violence continue to occur in the mineral-rich eastern border region of the country.