Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Election in 544 constituencies, one more than the usual 543

Lok Sabha Elections 2024

New Delhi: In a significant announcement, the Central Election Commission has declared the schedule for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024. The elections are set to commence on April 19 and will unfold in seven distinct phases across the nation, concluding on June 1. The results are anticipated to be declared on June 4.

In an unusual turn of events, the Election Commission’s documentation indicated the presence of 544 constituencies, one more than the usual 543. This anomaly was addressed by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, who explained that due to the ongoing caste-related unrest in Manipur, one constituency will undergo polling in two separate phases.

Detailed Election Phases and Special Arrangements in Manipur

PhaseDateConstituenciesSpecial Notes
1April 19TBAIncludes parts of Inner and Outer Manipur
2April 26TBARemaining centers of Outer Manipur
7June 1TBAFinal phase of voting

Chief Election Commissioner Kumar further elaborated that for the two Lok Sabha seats in Manipur, the elections are scheduled for April 19 and April 26. Additionally, voters residing in camps due to the violence will be permitted to cast their votes from these locations.

The state’s Chief Electoral Officer, Pradeep Kumar Jha, highlighted that out of 2955 polling stations, 1058 have been classified as ‘sensitive’, ensuring heightened security and vigilance.

Ongoing Caste Violence in Manipur

Manipur has been embroiled in caste violence since May 3 of the previous year, resulting in over 200 fatalities. Government reports indicate that security forces have successfully rescued upwards of 25,000 individuals, while approximately 50,000 remain in relief camps.

Election Notifications and Nominations

The notification for the first phase will be issued on March 20, with the nomination period closing on March 27. Following the scrutiny of nominations on March 28, the withdrawal deadline is set for March 30. The subsequent phases will follow a similar pattern, with the final count of votes scheduled for June 4.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024

The Election Commission has taken meticulous steps to ensure a smooth electoral process, even amidst the challenging circumstances in Manipur. The nation now looks forward to these pivotal elections that will shape the political landscape for the coming years.