63.37 percent Voter Turnout Marks Sixth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections

loksabha 6th round tournout 2024 final

New Delhi: In the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha elections, held on May 25, a remarkable 63.37 percent of voters exercised their franchise across 58 parliamentary seats. The Election Commission released the final figures, shedding light on various aspects of this crucial voting phase.

Demographic Breakdown:

  • Male Voters: 61.95 percent of male voters participated in this phase.
  • Female Voters: The turnout among women was even higher, with 64.95 percent exercising their right to vote.
  • Transgender Voters: An encouraging 18.67 percent of transgender voters also cast their ballots.

State-Wise Turnout:

  • Bihar: The state recorded a respectable 57.18 percent voter participation.
  • Haryana: Haryana witnessed a robust turnout of 64.80 percent.
  • Jammu and Kashmir: Despite challenges, 55.40 percent of voters in Jammu and Kashmir exercised their franchise.
  • Jharkhand: A commendable 65.39 percent voter turnout was observed in Jharkhand.
  • Delhi: The national capital saw 58.69 percent of its eligible voters heading to the polls.
  • Odisha: Odisha stood out with an impressive 74.45 percent voter participation.
  • Uttar Pradesh: The state recorded a turnout of 54.04 percent across its 14 constituencies.
  • West Bengal: West Bengal led the way with a remarkable 82.71 percent voter turnout.

Delhi’s Constituencies:

  • On average, 58.69 percent of voters participated in the seven parliamentary seats in Delhi.
  • Specific constituency-wise turnout:
    • Chandni Chowk: 58.60 percent
    • East Delhi: 59.51 percent
    • New Delhi: 55.43 percent
    • North-East Delhi: 62.89 percent
    • North-West Delhi: 57.85 percent
    • South Delhi: 56.45 percent
    • West Delhi: 58.79 percent
loksabha 6th round tournout 2024 final

The Election Commission emphasized the rigorous, transparent, and participative process of collecting and storing votes. Concerns about data manipulation were addressed, assuring the integrity of the turnout figures. The seventh phase of Lok Sabha elections is scheduled for June 1, with vote counting set for June 4.