Voter Turnout in Lok Sabha Elections’ Fifth Phase: A Comparative Analysis with 2019

Voter tournout 5th phase

New Delhi: The fifth phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections concluded on Monday, marking a significant milestone in India’s democratic process. This round saw 695 candidates vying for the support of the electorate across 49 constituencies in eight states. The day was characterized by a robust turnout in Uttar Pradesh, where 14 seats went to polls, while Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh each had a single seat up for grabs.

Preliminary data up to 5 PM indicated a voter turnout of 56.68% across the contested seats. This figure is subject to final confirmation, as it falls short of the 62.01% turnout recorded in the corresponding constituencies during the 2019 elections. The percentage of votes has emerged as a focal point of debate throughout the current electoral cycle. Allegations have surfaced from opposition parties accusing the Election Commission of intentionally delaying the release of voting statistics, a claim the Commission has firmly refuted. Meanwhile, the incumbent government has interpreted the opposition’s criticism as an early concession of defeat.

The ongoing election has seen a slight decline in voter participation compared to the previous Lok Sabha polls. The initial phase, which covered 102 seats across 21 states and union territories, reported a turnout of 66.14%, a decrease from 69.96% in 2019. Similarly, the second phase encompassed 88 seats, with a turnout of 66.71%, down from 70.09% in the last election. Notably, the Outer Manipur Lok Sabha seat underwent a split voting schedule, with 15 assembly constituencies casting ballots on April 19 and the remaining 13 on a subsequent date.

Voter tournout 5th phase

The third phase continued the trend with 93 seats across 11 states and union territories registering a turnout of 65.68%, a slight dip from 66.89% in 2019. However, the fourth phase bucked the trend, witnessing a marginal increase to 69.16% from 69.12% in the previous election. This uptick is attributed to the Election Commission’s concerted efforts to boost electoral participation through various outreach campaigns, which seemed to have a positive impact.

As the nation awaits the final voter turnout figures for the fifth phase, the preliminary data suggests a turnout of 56.68% as of 5 PM on May 20. This is a notable decrease from the 62.01% turnout in 2019 for the same seats. The final figures will clarify the electorate’s engagement in this pivotal phase of the Lok Sabha elections.