Lok Sabha Elections 2024 – Phase Two Campaign Concludes

Rahul gandhi-Hemamalini-Arun Govil-Shashi Tharur

New Delhi: The bustling campaign trails and public rallies have come to a halt this evening as the second phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 approaches its critical voting day. Scheduled for April 26, this phase will witness the electoral battle across 89 constituencies spanning 13 states, with a special focus on Kerala where all 20 seats go to polls.

Key Candidates and Constituencies:

  • Rahul Gandhi, the former Congress President, is in the fray from Wayanad.
  • Hema Malini, the veteran actress and politician, is contesting from Mathura.
  • Arun Govil, renowned for his portrayal of Lord Ram in the epic TV series ‘Ramayana’, marks his political debut from Meerut.
  • Shashi Tharoor faces off against Union Minister Chandrashekhar in Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Bhupesh Baghel and other prominent figures are also among the 1,206 candidates vying for a seat in this election phase.

Campaign Restrictions:
Post this evening, the Election Commission has mandated a cessation of all public meetings. However, candidates and their campaigners are permitted to continue door-to-door canvassing for the next 48 hours to garner support.

Voting Details:

  • A total of 88 Lok Sabha seats in 12 states and one union territory are set to vote.
  • In Jammu, the contest intensifies with Jugal Kishore (BJP) competing against Raman Bhalla (Congress), while GM Saruri (DPAP) aims to create a three-way race.
  • Uttar Pradesh will see polling on 8 seats, with 91 candidates in contention.

Election Commission’s Initiatives:
Acknowledging the lower voter turnout in the first phase, the Election Commission has instructed its personnel to actively encourage voter participation. Additionally, a novel initiative has been introduced to facilitate voting in multi-story buildings within urban locales.

Rahul gandhi-Hemamalini-Arun Govil-Shashi Tharur

Voting Timings:
Polling stations will operate from 7 AM to 6 PM. Voters in line past the closing time will still be allowed to cast their ballots, ensuring every voice is heard.

This structured update aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the imminent second phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. The nation’s eyes are now set on the 26th of April, as the electorate decides the fate of the candidates and, ultimately, the direction of the country’s governance.