Global Outage of X Disrupts Millions of Users


New Delhi: On Thursday, millions of users around the world were unable to access X, the most popular social media platform in the world, due to a global outage that lasted for several hours. The outage affected both the app and the website of X, as well as its professional version, X Pro, formerly known as Tweet Deck.

The problem was first reported around 11 am IST when users complained that they could not see any posts on their timelines, nor could they publish anything on the platform. Some users reported that they could post, but their posts were not visible to others. The outage also affected the direct messaging and notification features of X.

X did not provide any official explanation for the outage, nor did it acknowledge the issue on its official accounts. Users expressed their frustration and confusion on other platforms, such as Y and Z, using hashtags such as #XDown and #XOutage. Some users also joked about the situation, posting memes and funny videos.

According to media reports, the outage was most severe in the United States, where more than 47 thousand users reported issues with X. However, the problem was also widespread in other regions, such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. The outage lasted for about four hours before X gradually restored its services. However, some users still reported intermittent issues with the platform.

Twitter official handle @X

X is the most widely used social media platform in the world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. It is also a major source of news, entertainment, and communication for many people. The outage of X has raised questions about the reliability and security of the platform, as well as the impact of such disruptions on society and the economy.