X to Introduce Long-Form Video Streaming on Smart TVs

X to Introduce Long-Form Video Streaming

New Delhi: In a move that could reshape the digital media landscape, Elon Musk’s social network X is set to launch a dedicated TV app for streaming long-form videos on smart televisions. This strategic expansion is poised to bring the platform’s content directly into the living rooms of users with Amazon and Samsung smart TVs.

The announcement comes after a series of significant updates to the platform, including the introduction of video and audio calling features last year. Musk’s vision for X as a super app extends beyond social networking to encompass a suite of services, including messaging and peer-to-peer payments, positioning the platform as a multifaceted hub for digital interaction.

Responding to a user inquiry on X, Musk teased the upcoming feature with a succinct “Coming soon,” hinting at the imminent integration of long-form videos with smart TV technology. While details remain sparse, reports suggest that the app’s interface may bear resemblance to Google’s YouTube TV app, signaling Musk’s ambition to rival the video streaming giant.

X’s evolution into a “video-first platform” is underscored by its recent partnerships with high-profile media personalities such as Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon. These collaborations are part of a broader effort to diversify content and attract a wider audience, amidst challenges in retaining advertisers following Musk’s acquisition of the platform in 2022.

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In a bid to bolster its advertising model, X announced plans to enable video ads alongside content from select creators, a move that could offer new revenue streams and incentives for both the platform and its partners.

As the social network X gears up for this pivotal launch, the industry watches with anticipation to see how this venture will compete with established players and redefine content consumption on smart TVs.