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The controversy in this royal family ended almost half a century later

Brussels: The long-running feud in the Royal Family of Belgium finally came to an end when former King Albert II met his daughter. This...
B1.617 1 UK

B1.617, a highly contagious type of corona found in Britain, claims 77 cases

London: Health officials in Britain have identified 77 cases of the highly contagious type B1.617 of the Corona Virus and determined it to be...
Saudi Bank note

Saudi withdraws banknote with wrong map of India, step taken before G20 summit

New Delhi: According to a report, Saudi Arabia has now withdrawn the wrong map of India printed on the Riyadh note just before the...
Despite US sanctions, Iran will acquire the Corona vaccine

Despite US sanctions, Iran will acquire the Corona vaccine

Dubai: Iran is facing harsh US sanctions, but Tehran still has many avenues to obtain the Corona Virus vaccine (Vaccine). It is noteworthy that...

Transport commissioner of MP, IPS Madhu Kumar seen carrying envelopes

Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh government has transferred the state transport commissioner V Madhu Kumar. The order of his transfer came after 1991 Indian Police...